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Chico, CA


I am grateful to have Dr. Laufer as my Chiropractor. As age catches up to me I know that there are activities that I should not do or attempt to do anymore. I take care to avoid those situations and activities, but every once in while I’ll twist, turn or bend and the next thing I know I’m thinking, “How soon before I can get an appointment with Dr. Laufer.”

Such was the case when I turned or twisted the wrong way and I pinched my Sciatica nerve. The pain was pretty intense and since I was out of town, and the pain was in my lower back and down my right leg, I was wondering how I was going to get home. Pushing on the gas pedal was painful.

I did make it home and after several visits to Dr. Laufer, the pain in my lower back slowly went away and the pain in my leg started to go away also. Walking and standing became easier but only for short times and distances. Dr. Laufer took the time to explain to me that once he had my back aligned that the back pain would go away and that the back pain would go away before the Sciatica Nerve would. He explained that nerves heal at a much slower rate than the back pain (Probably not explaining it as elegant and in as much detail as he did.). I continued with the adjustments for several more weeks and now the pain is just about gone. He gave me some exercises to do to get my leg muscles back to normal.

I appreciate Dr. Laufer asking probing questions and taking the time to explain to me about the Sciatica Nerve and that the healing would be slow and take some time.

I am very pleased with the treatment that I received from Dr. Laufer and would recommend him to anyone who needs Chiropractic help.

Lois J.

Paradise, CA

In March I was packing boxes & lifting the boxes in preparation to move.  We started moving everything early in the morning with the help of friends.  I was helping unload a file cabinet, setting it on the ground.  When I bent down to set the cabinet on the ground, a pain shot through my lower back, I couldn’t move for a few minutes, when I did I couldn’t stand up straight for about 10 minutes.  I couldn’t lift anything else; I had to let the other people finish the moving.  I was pretty sore and had a hard time moving on Sunday so I just laid around all day thinking it would be OK on Monday morning.  When I woke up on Monday morning, I couldn’t get out of bed.  I was in a lot of pain down my back and my left leg was in excruciating pain.  I laid in bed trying to figure out how I could move without causing pain.  I thought if I used the heating pad for a few minutes it would go away.  But it didn’t!  I finally couldn’t stand the pain so I called and made an appointment with Dr Alex Laufer.  I had to walk bent over, because I couldn’t stand up straight, so using a wooden stick to get to my car, which took me about a ½ an hour to get into (a 2 min project normally).  I almost cried all the way to his office because of the pain.  I was in extreme pain no matter if I was standing, sitting or lying down. When I got to his office, I could hardly walk into the office so they gave me a wheel chair once I was inside and Dr. Laufer saw how hard it was for me to walk.

Dr. Laufer suggested I get an x-ray But it didn’t show everything he needed to see so he suggested I have an MRI done.  When the MRI came back, my family dr. wanted me to have shots done in my back because I had Degenerative Disc Disease, one of my discs was twisted and I had a pinched nerve in my lower back.  I told him I didn’t want shots, I wanted to continue with the Chiropractor to see if that worked.  Dr. Laufer showed me the MRI in his office so I could see what was wrong.  He was patient with me and worked on my back.  I do feel 98% better from the first day in his office.  I have and will continue with Dr. Laufer because he has helped me so much and without surgery.




I have been coming to Dr. Laufer for over four years, and he has helped me with a variety of conditions. Suffering from chronic pain since 2001, I thought that pain was just going to be a part of my daily life. I was skeptical of chiropractic care but a friend referred me, so I tried Dr. Laufer. After about three weeks my pain was decreased to the point wher...e I was no longer taking prescription pain medication! Everything from headaches and dizziness to back and shoulder pain were greatly improved.Thanks to Dr. Laufer’s gentle and effective care I can now travel comfortably, play on my company’s softball team and enjoy life like a pain free person. I am now a true believer in chiropractic care and I highly recommend Dr. Laufer whenever someone complains to me about pain. I really enjoy coming in to the office, it feels like visiting friends.


Oroville, CA

I became a client of Laufer Chiropractic through the success with treatment of my wife. Over several years, I have had many incidents with my back, neck, wrists, ankle, and elbow. With each injury, Dr. Laufer has carefully explored my body to find the actual cause of the discomfort and proceeded to treat successfully. Dr. Laufer has also been attentive to the general functioning of my body to prevent issues from developing. I schedule a visit periodically for maintenance to catch conditions before they become larger issues. It's a partnership that is important for my health and contributes to my ability to enjoy life without pain

David E.

Chico, CA


    My name is David Evans. I am a former Chiropractic skeptic. I thought it was only for those in acute chronic pain. Also, I was on a limited budget.


    Then I started seeing Dr. Laufer about three years ago for monthly visits. I experienced almost no aches and pains between visits. Since that time, I have had complete relief from Planter Fascitus and other foot pain.


    Last year I was in an evening automobile accident, and I went to get help from Dr. Laufer the very next morning. He worked my whole body and restored it back to normal in weeks! I recovered quickly because I saw him numerous times each week, and until the stiffness and pain were gone. Now I continue my monthly appointments for maintenance and I am eating healthier and exercising more.


    My wife also sees Dr. Laufer and would highly recommend him to anyone who has any discomfort. If you just come in once a month, you will enjoy more energy and remarkable over-all wellness. The adjustments keep your spine aligned and the improved blood flow keeps you healthy.

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